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Boomerang Spill Response System

Petroleum Fleet Specialists (P.F.S.) has drawn from almost 20 years experience in the petroleum industry to develop a one-of-kind spill response and containment system.

The U.S. patent-pending Boomerang Spill Response and Containment System features a light-weight, weather tight aluminum housing for neat, dry storage of the spill response system. The spill boom or diking device can be deployed in seconds, keeping the release to a confined area. This one-of-a-kind system is also designed with a leak proof region that can be used as a containment area for transporting contaminated spill materials and/or recovered product.

All of the features combined in the Boomerang Spill Response and Containment System make it the most complete and user friendly system on the market today.


With the liability of, remediation, fines, and the rise of law suites, a company cannot afford to be without a quick response system readily available. When a release occurs, having a response system that can be deployed in seconds containing the release BEFORE it reaches the environment or an ignition source is absolutely critical.

The Boomerang Spill Response and Containment System can be easily mounted or placed in an easily accessible location. This will allow for the spill system to be deployed in a matter of seconds when a release occurs. The Boomerang spill system is effortlessly deployed and retracted and can be used in a pro-active, as well as, re-active manner.

The lower region of the housing serves in two ways: 1) it is a dry, weather-proof storage area that can be utilized to store additional spill equipment. 2) After a release has been contained and cleaned up, the lower region serves as a leak proof containment area used for transporting the recovered product and contaminated spill equipment back to a facility for proper disposal.


The standard Boomerang Spill Response and Containment System consists of a weather-tight aluminum box 24"W x 30"T, 28" deep. The 22"W x 18 1/2"T access door is located on the front of the box, hinged at the bottom to open at 180° down. The lower 11" interior region of the box is welded tight and capable of storing liquid, with a removable drain plug in the bottom for draining.

The upper interior region of the box contains a reel used for storing, deploying, and retrieving the spill boom. The sides and bottom of the door opening can be equipped with rollers for ease of use when deploying and retracting the boom.

The boom is attached to a 50-foot coated cable with a spark proof quick connect clip. The coated cable has a spark proof quick-connect clip that is fastened to a breakaway device that is affixed to the reel. The breakaway device would be utilized in an emergency whereby the distance to the release is farther than the standard boom cable could reach.


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