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The Boomerang
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"Our Company belives that Boomerang saved time and money. " (read more...)



Custom Applications

The features offered in the Boomerang Spill Response System, makes it one of the most versatile systems available today. Where ever a release occurs, a timely response minimizes the impact to your business.

The Boomerang can be fixed mounted or made to be portable to optimize its utilization. It's clean, weather tight housing neatly stores spill equipment that meets your needs, indoors or outdoors. The lower containment area can be used for transporting and/or temporarily storing contaminated spill equipment and/or recovered product, until it can be disposed of properly. The drain plug in the bottom of the lower containment area makes for easy removal of recovered liquid. The storage reel used for deploying and retracting the spill system, is available with a more economical manual rewind or also available with several different power rewind options. Sizes and dimensions can be customized to meet your needs. The application possibilities are limitless, let us know your needs.


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