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Delivery Tanker Application

In the high-risk industry of petroleum transportation and delivery, the awareness of environment and safety is ever growing. There are new procedures and equipment constantly being implemented and used.

We've seen vapor recovery become mandatory and brake interlock systems required. There is a whole array of overfill protection systems to choose from, now available with a retain systems and additional grounding. Companies are grounding their product hoses and trying to find ways to purge and/or protect their piping from the emergency valves to the loading heads. Yet with all these safety systems and equipment, there is one huge void in the industry.

Just about every company has some type of a spill kit or equipment on their delivery unit. The problem is that none of them have a complete system that is set up for a quick response. Arguably the most vulnerable time in a delivery driver's day is when he or she is making a delivery. Most of the public doesn't understand the dangers of petroleum products. There are people smoking nearby, running vehicles, and a whole list of other ignition sources. Another problem is that all parking lots where the drivers are making deliveries ultimately run off to a storm sewer and/or soil. Even the smallest of spills can become disastrous if not contained and cleaned up in a timely manner.

When a spill occurs it is critical to be able to respond immediately and contain the spill before it has time to spread. The problem with the spill kits on the delivery units today are that most of them are put out of the way and are not easily accessible. When they are utilized they are not designed to be deployed in an efficient manner. When you compile all these problems with current spill kits, add in a panic situation for the delivery driver in a public surrounding with your customers, the potential for a spill turning into a disaster is multiplied.

Petroleum Fleet Specialists has taken all of this information and combined it with years of hands on experience to design the ultimate spill system for the delivery tanker application. This system is the solution to a huge void in the industry that is ever striving for improvement on environmental and safety issues. All of the features combined in the Boomerang spill response system make up the most complete system on the market today.

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