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Service Station Application

Every day millions of gallons of gasoline and diesel are pumped into vehicles by the untrained public. The majority of people have no idea of the potential hazards of petroleum products. It is almost standard practice to latch the nozzle on while the customer checks the oil, washes the windshield, and sits in the vehicle out of the weather. Even worse they leave the vehicle completely unattended while they go into the C-store. While this practice is a convenience for the customer, it leaves the potential for overfilling the vehicles fuel tank and having a release.

Even a small release at a fuel island can become a catastrophic event. As stated before most of the public doesn't understand the potential dangers of petroleum products, making it vital to contain and clean the release in a timely manner. Service stations are full of ignition sources and have parking lots that ultimately run to a sewer and/or the environment. The Boomerang Spill Response System can be easily placed at any fuel island where it will be readily available to respond to a release the instant it occurs. A quick response to the release will significantly reduce the potential of a fire and/or environmental impact.

The Boomerang Spill Response System is so easily used that service station employees can be trained in minutes. With a small set of simple illustrated instructions, the general public could even deploy the system if necessary. With the growing emphasis on environment and safety the Boomerang Spill Response System should become as standard as the fire extinguisher on fuel islands.

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