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The Boomerang
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"Our Company belives that Boomerang saved time and money. " (read more...)




H. N. Funkhouser & Company

"Our Company belives that Boomerang saved time and money." (read more...)

James Slusher

Accomplishments: James Slusher is employed by ConocoPhillips. He has a 16 year career with, Mobil Oil, Tosco Corporation, Phillips Petroleum, and now with ConocoPhillips. In those sixteen years he has accumulated 1.5 million miles of safe driving, never had a recordable incident, and also has a perfect attendance record.

Testimonial: "I've been transporting petroleum products over 18 years, 16 for a major oil company with one of the most extensive safety programs available. Yet accidents "spills" still occur. This is the easiest & quickest way I have seen to stop and contain product before it gets beyond your control."

Profound Quote: Keep a safe and clean environment and the rewards come back to all of us....Just like a Boomerang.

Mike Pittman

"My name is Mike Pittman, owner of Pittman Enterprises LC. I currently operate 5 tractor and tank trailers in and around the Washington D.C. area.

When I first purchased the Boomerang Spill Response System, I thought the concept was great, but I hated to spend money on something I thought I would never use. The inventor of the system, Edwin Jackson, performed most of the tanker maintenance on my trailers, he has many years in the industry and I respected his opinion.

After having the first system installed on my delivery tanker we started finding additional uses for the housing. The extra storage space on the unit was a welcome addition. The housing is totally weather tight so it's a great place to store your gloves, cleaning supplies, rags and an occasional fitting. In addition to that we keep the lower containment area of the housing stocked full of additional spill pads and equipment. It works well for keeping spill pads right on hand for wiping gauge poles, stuffing product hose ends after diesel loads "when our plugs show up missing", and any other common uses that you find for spill pads.

In addition to all of the above uses, I can also testify the system works. We had a small release, that was a non event, thanks to the Boomerang. We were able to contain it, clean it, and carry back for proper disposal with no impact on my customer or the environment. This in turn made for a very minimal impact to my business.

After having the system on one unit and seeing how useful it is, and how critical it can be to have. We are planning to install a system on every unit. Over the life of a trailer the cost is minimal; if we never have a spill we still get usage out of the system. If a spill does occur I know for a fact that this is the most complete system I could have on my units to respond to it."

Mike Pittman
Pittman Enterprises LC.

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